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And The Mountains Echoed

And The Mountains Echoed (2013)

by Khaled Hosseini
Category : Fiction/Literature
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No Of Pages :265
Publication : Riverhead Paperback
Published Date : 2013-08-08

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And The Mountains Echoed is set in Afghanistan, in 1952, where Abdullah and his sister reside with their father and foster mother. They seem to have a raw deal in terms of finances, as their father is constantly on a job hunt to make ends meet. One day, their father decided to shift from the small village where they were staying, to Kabul. Abdullah s father tries to prevent Abdullah from coming along, but is unable to do so, due to his son s persistent temperament. Abdullah is extremely fond of his sister, and would do anything to keep her happy. The two siblings are inseparable, and sleep together on their cot with their heads touching. However, the two don t seem to have a clue about the events that are about to take place when they journey from Kabul to other cities and continents. This insignificant journey made by the family dares to alter the course of their lives and those of hundreds of others, through the next 60 years. And The Mountains Echoed revolves around the relationships among family members, which are accompanied with honor and sacrifice for one another. This book also delves into the fact that people are often left dumbstruck by the actions of those who matter the most to them. It is explained to the readers that the decisions made by them can resonate through several generations.