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Ladder Of Years

Ladder Of Years (2013)

by Anne Tyler
Category : Fiction/Literature
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Publication : Brilliance Audio On CD Unabridged
Published Date : 2013-11-12

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“A page-turner in the best sense . . . One cares for Ms. Tyler’s touchingly flawed characters. . . . [She] knows as well as anyone that ‘human beings lead many lives.’ Casually, delightfully, Ladder of Years will tell you just how we humans manage this trick.” — Baltimore Sun BALTIMORE WOMAN DISAPPEARS DURING FAMILY VACATION, declares the headline. Forty-year-old Delia Grinstead was last seen strolling down the Delaware shore, wearing nothing more than a bathing suit and carrying a beach tote with five hundred dollars tucked inside. To her husband and three almost-grown children, she has vanished without trace or reason. But for Delia, who has long felt like a tiny gnat buzzing around her family’s edges, “walking away from it all” was not a premeditated act but an impulse that will lead her into a new, exciting, and previously unimagined life. “Tyler details Delia’s adventure with great skill. . . . As so often in her earlier fiction, [she] creates distinct characters caught in poignantly funny situations. . . . Tyler writes with a clarity that makes the commonplace seem fresh and the pathetic touching.” — The New York Times “Haunting . . . The characters feel so real that we find ourselves thinking about them, worrying if they made the right choices, long after we’ve read about them.” — The Miami Herald “Fresh, funny, and poignant.” — The Christian Science Monitor